Manta Rays in Wild Nusa

Manta Rays in Wild Nusa

Nusa Penida is a nature filled island 12km southeast of Indonesia's island Bali. With less tourist infrastructure and offering a dramatic and wild scenery, it is a place for exploration and relaxation. The island is a limestone plateau, with sandy beaches in the north and east, and tall cliffs with sandy enclaves down south. The interior of Nusa Penida is hilly with a maximum altitude of over 500 metres.  

Destination Highlights

  • Swimming with Manta Rays at Manta Point
  • Turtles, sharks, stingrays and loads of fish on the East coast
  • Visit nearby Komodo island and its notorious Dragon
  • Drift diving in open sea and recreational diving on the reefs
  • Depths of over 50m within 60m distance from the beach
  • Off the beaten track destination

    How to get there

    • Airport: Denpasar, Bali
    • Taxi/bus to Sanur Harbour (30-40min)
    • Embark on Speedboat to Nusa Penida (30-40min)


    Images by kind concession of Kirill Popov.



    Freediving Centre

    • Freedive Nusa is passionate project created by Kirill and Yana. The dive centre is located in on the northern coast of the island, just 20 metres from the beach. It is well equipped and offers freediving student and instructor courses.
    • Owner: Kirill Popov is an SSI certified freediving instructor trainer. He is supported by other three SSI Freediving instructors.
    • Languages: English, Russian, German, Indonesian.
    • Seasonality: All year round.
    • Equipment: Complete range of freediving equipment for rent.
    • Recreational activity: Drifting diving with buoys in the open sea following the currents along the north coast and recreational diving on various spots of the reef. Freediving excursions are available. 
    • Educational activity: SSI freediving courses are available from Level 1 to Instructor course. Freediving for surfers is offered as well. 
    • Support Boat: Speedboat, 2 engines of 40cc each, 5 meters length.

    Freediving workshops

    Bi-fins, breathing techniques, depth, equalisation, static and no-fins workshops are available upon request.


        Manta Point and Underwater Cave near Crystal Bay (Depth: 20-30m; Duration: 4hrs): Manta rays can be seen from the surface of the water when snorkelling in Manta Bay, however the more experienced freedivers may want to visit Manta Point, where manta rays of 3-4m wingspan circle in and out of an underwater cave not far from Crystal Bay. And for a photogenic photoshoot, check out the Buddha Point where an underwater Buddha statue has been placed at about 5m depth and can easily be seen from the surface.

        Nusa Penida East Coast (Depth: 0m-10m; Duration: 2hrs): Away from the most popular dive sites, and little boat traffic, are great diving and snorkelling spots rich underwater life: turtles, sharks, stingrays, lots and lots of fish! 

        Komodo Freediving Safari (Depth: 0m-10m; Duration: 3 days / 4 nights): Organised by Freedive Nusa, this is a unique opportunity to see the best of Komodo and its National Park, famous for its unique underwater flora and fauna, attracting divers from all around the world. Komodo is also known for its Komodo Dragons – the largest lizard species on the planet tracing back to the dinosaur era. Komodo Islands and the beauty of nearby Padar Island, make a truly unique place equally beautiful under and above the water.

        Nusa Penida Road Trip (Depth: 0m-10m; Duration: 4hrs): this is a land trip by car which will allow you to visit the most famous nature attractions on the Western side of the island: Crystal Bay (good for snorkeling and recreational freediving), the arch at Broken Beach, natural water pools at Angel's Billabong and the beautiful Kelingking Beach.

        Other activities: 

        • Yoga
        • Relaxation and meditation
        • Watsu and aguahara sessions, and contact improvisation dance in water
        • Snorkelling

        Freedive Nusa is situated in Ped village between Sampalan and Toyapakeh. The sea is clean and there are wonderful views of Bali's majestic Agung volcano from the beach, giving this place an aura of it is calm and peace.

        The diving centre does not have onsite bungalows, but there is a good choice of hotels and bungalows with different prices and facilities in the neighbourhood. Not far from Pura Ped temple, there are couple of shops selling fruits, vegetables and generic products.